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Learn about Tinkercad
and Fusion 360



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Get Tinkercad and Fusion 360 tips that you can easily bring into the classroom.

Tinkercad Codeblocks

Interested in adding coding and design on your classes? You can do both with Codeblocks. Learn how to create configurable 3D models with the power of block coding.


Tinkercad Sim Lab

If you want your students to experience how their designs will behave in the real world, check out all the possibilities that simulation on Tinkercad Sim Lab opens.


Tinkercad 3D Editor

Learn about some exciting new features on Tinkercad's 3D editor, as well as some very useful tips and tricks from the experts that build the product.

Tinkercad to Fusion 360

If your students feel that they need more power than what Tinkercad provides, you should see how they can take their learnings and move into Fusion 360 for some professional design and engineering. 

Tinkercad Classrooms

Learn how Tinkercad makes onboarding your students an extremely simple task. See how you can easily create classes and activities and integrate these with Google Classroom.


Tinkercad Circuits

Power up your designs with electronics. We’ll get you started with simple circuits and take you all the way to building autonomous robots.


Tips to master Tinkercad and Fusion 360

Tinkercad Getting Started Guide

Refresh your Tinkercad skills with this helpful guide.

Fusion 360 Tips & Techniques

Get started with Fusion 360 by learning these helpful tips and techniques.

Enrich your curriculum without a heavy lift

Autodesk provides educators and students with free access to its professional software products and services. Get industry-validated certifications, as well as free, high-quality learning content and online resources.


Connect with Autodesk Certified Instructors—at no cost to you. These credentialed professionals will help you meet industry standards and are recognized for their delivery, instructional skills, and product mastery. 


This offer is available to secondary educators in the US and UK and to post-secondary educators in the US, UK, IN, DE, and JP who are teaching engineering, manufacturing, or machining. Requests are subject to availability, which is determined by Autodesk. Offer is fulfilled by an applicable Autodesk Learning Partner.