Teaching with Tinkercad

Webinar Series

Exploring Career Connections During CTE Month

In this Teaching With Tinkercad webinar during Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, we’ll explore how learning basic CAD/3D digital literacy and design skills can help students explore a variety of exciting career opportunities. Our guest presenters will share stories, project examples, and helpful insights about how they’ve made connections between CAD/3D design and career paths with students.

Please join us for one hour of PD on Thursday, February 24, 2022  at 4pm Pacific Time.

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Meet the Speakers

Jason Erdreich

Technology, Engineering, and Design Educator

Jason is a 6-8 Technology, Engineering, and Design educator and K-12 STEAM Coordinator in the public school district of Madison NJ. Teaching courses that range from materials processing and manufacturing, to graphic design, photography, computer programming, electronics and robotics, biotechnology, and computer aided design, Jason strives to offer real-world problem solving experiences for his students. In addition overseeing the interdisciplinary connections between STEM-based instruction in Madison, over the past 10 years Jason has worked with the New Jersey Technology and Engineering Educators Association, the NJDOE, The College of New Jersey, LulzBot, Tinkercad, and other groups to create professional development, instructional frameworks, and lessons for educators in order to offer meaningful educational experiences to support students and STEM-based careers.

Uchenna Okere

Technology, Engineering, and Design Educator

Uchenna is the founder and CEO of RevitGods, a BIM consulting firm helping building designers and contractors thrive in the digital age. He has a Bachelors degree in Architecture from Temple University, has several years of experience designing K-8 schools and apartments in Philadelphia. He volunteers with the Center of Architecture and Design as one of its board members to expose Philadelphia middle school students to careers within the building design and construction industry. Today through RevitGods, Uchenna leads a small team of technologists to help design and construction firms design, construct, and manage buildings through 3D BIM software.

Aram Goganian

Founder and Co-owner, Predator Cycling, LLC

Aram is founder and co-owner of Predator Cycling, LLC, a custom carbon fiber bicycle manufacturer, repair shop, and component fabrication company in Tennessee, which he started from his home in 2005. He has been Predator's lead designer and engineer for the last 15 years, forging new technology concepts in bicycle manufacturing by instituting Industry 4.0 standards, such as CNC manufacturing and 3D development via Fusion 360. Aram has built more than 1,100 bicycles, repaired more than 3,000 frames, and made custom track handlebars for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Aram plans on advancing cycling innovation using Autodesk Fusion 360 and streamlined mechanics as well as continued testing of new mechanical processes. In addition to cycling, Predator has developed dynamic manufacturing workflow programs in the medical, aerospace, and military industries.

Kellyanne Mahoney

Youth Program Specialist at Autodesk

Kellyanne Mahoney is a National Board Certified Teacher, former educator of 13 years with Boston Public Schools, and Youth Program Specialist at Autodesk. Kellyanne uses design thinking to bridge the problems faced in schools with the problem of creating equitable onramps into the innovation economy for students.

Jennie Fennelle

Youth Content Development Manager at Autodesk

Jennie Fennelle is the Youth Content Development Manager at Autodesk, where she focuses on creating engaging learning content in support of educators and students using 3D design and make software, including Tinkercad and Fusion 360.