State of Design & Make

The State of Design & Make report is a global, annual study for leaders who design and make places, objects, and experiences as well as for educators who prepare the future workforce.

Talent competition heats up

The E-Book identifies the most pressing drivers of change that are shaping today’s business decisions and helping leaders make informed, strategic decisions about how to prioritize and invest in the future of design and make. Industries rely on understanding and implementing thoughtful moves where digitization, sustainability, and workforce meet. As industries continue to transform at a rapid pace, these key drivers of change provide leaders a focus for their attention and investments in the one-to-three-year time frame to stay competitive and educators to prepare students for what’s next.


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Key takeaways

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Companies are struggling to find skilled workers.

48 %

of respondents across industries cited attracting and retaining talent as a top challenge for their companies, more than any other factor.

72 %

of respondents said the workforce has evolved more in the past three years than it did over the previous 25 years.

2023 State of Design & Make

Leaders and experts name a wide range of competencies that workers will need over the next three years, including skills related to technology, collaboration, regulations, innovation, and active learning.


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