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Best practices for teaching CAD/CAM + CNC skills virtually

Watch leading experts present tools and best practices for teaching CAD/CAM and CNC skills in a virtual classroom. Discover what has worked well, and what has been less successful, so you aren't tripped up by the same roadblocks.

Injection molded yo-yos in Fusion 360

In the Design and Manufacturing II course at MIT, student teams design 50 yo-yos in Autodesk Fusion 360 and manufacture them using 3-axis milling and injection molding. The goal is to expose students to manufacturing disciplines and practices involved in mass producing products. This video touches on the transition to remote teaching, but primarily focuses on the mold making process in Fusion 360.

The art of 3D finishing

While machining is often perceived as an extension of engineering and firmly rooted in process and institutional knowledge, 3D finishing toolpaths is an area where there is so much up to the programmer that art starts to take over. In this session, you’ll learn some tips and tricks to streamline the process to getting clean 3D toolpaths that will work for your part geometry, as well as see some examples of what toolpath might work best for your part. 

Collaborate with your students using Fusion 360

When teaching CAD, one of the biggest struggles is finding a streamlined solution for students to share their work with their instructors. Luckily, Fusion 360 has built in collaboration tools to ease the burden. In this session, we will explore Fusion 360’s collaboration tools and how these tools can supplement many of the workflows for data sharing necessary in classrooms and courses focused on CAD.

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