The fundamentals of successful new product development

Leveraging cloud-based PLM to exceed corporate goals

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Optimize new product development processes

Manufacturing companies are trying to increase revenue and expand market share while simultaneously improving product development metrics, such as cost, time to market, and quality.

This IDC InfoBrief examines the IT and business plans of discrete manufacturers related to product life-cycle management (PLM), providing key insights for companies that want to optimize product development and implement agile processes.

Key takeaways from the e-book

Make data-driven decisions

Manufacturers seek data-driven decisions but can only manage what they measure.


Measure progress and success

Manufacturers must balance the demands of customers, supply chains, revenue, and regulations.


Leverage PLM for NPD

Eliminate redundant processes, streamlines workflows, and makes collaboration seamless.


Software for connected data and process

Cloud PLM to enhance workflows and improve collaboration across teams, partners, and suppliers.

Product data management combined with cloud PLM to connect your people, processes, and data.

See if cloud-based PLM is a fit for you

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