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Essentials of 3D CAD
for 2D users

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What can you do with 3D CAD that you can't do already?

What can you do with 3D CAD that you can't do already?

As it turns out, quite a bit. From automated modeling workflows to in-canvas advanced simulation, even the simplest part has something to gain from 3D CAD. But you don't have to abandon your existing 2D tools and data to take advantage of these capabilities. Instead, combining 2D and 3D CAD means you can:

  • Cut back on manual engineering efforts and improve the efficiency of your design process
  • Make sure that you have the right tool for every job with connected 2D and 3D workflows
  • Get more value from your models throughout the entire development cycle

In this e-book, learn how 2D and 3D work better together. See how both the designers and nondesigners on your team can achieve better outcomes with these powerful tools.

Essentials of 3D CAD for 2D Users

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Thought about adding 3D before and haven't taken the next step? Just interested in learning how to expand your capabilities? We'll debunk some myths that could be holding you back. Get answers to your questions like:

  • What happens to legacy data?
  • Isn’t 3D CAD expensive?
  • Can simple parts benefit from 3D?
  • Will implementing new software decrease productivity?