How leaders are embracing automation to drive innovation

Early adopters of tech-driven innovation are developing new ways to work with automation for business that cut costs and boost sustainability.

Automation as a key enabler of innovation

In an innovate-or-die era, automation is good for business and the bottom line

Artificial intelligence, digital twins, and generative design are becoming must-haves, whether designing a robotic arm or an engine. See how D&M industry leaders are using advanced technologies to meet the pressures of today—and tomorrow. 

Image courtesy of Systecon

  • With the new brake pedal, Stewart-Haas Racing realized a 32% reduction in weight and a 50% increase in stiffness with the optimized design.

    Image courtesy of Stewart-Haas Racing

Embracing a culture of innovation

New digital technologies can help increase product development agility

VisiConsult, a leading manufacturer of industrial X-ray systems, is on a digital transformation journey using digital twins and AI to drive innovation.

Image courtesy of VisiConsult

Generative design elevates bold new mobility innovation

How Hyundai uses generative design to create Elevate, a walking car that takes a giant step toward the future of mobility.

Image courtesy of Hyundai New Horizons Studio

Outpacing the competition with AI-driven brake pedal design

In a sport where speed is everything, AI and generative design with innovations for safety and weight reduction create a competitive advantage for Stewart-Haas Racing.


Explore new possibilities with automation and AI

See how design and manufacturing leaders are using advanced technologies like AI and automation to work better, faster, and smarter. 

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