How leaders are embracing automation to drive innovation

Early adopters of tech-driven innovation are developing new ways to work with automation for business that cut costs and boost sustainability.

Automation as a key enabler of innovation

Automation as a key enabler of innovation

Artificial intelligence, digital twins, and generative design are becoming must-haves, whether designing a robotic arm or an engine. See how D&M industry leaders are using advanced technologies to meet the pressures of today—and tomorrow. 

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  • “We built BIM models of our predrills based on the GI database so we had a clear map of the ground; then, the script generated surface drawings based on the models."

    Francesco Tizzani, BIM Manager at Leighton Asia. Image courtesy of Leighton Asia.

Embracing a culture of innovation

Using visual data to help optimize operations

A building’s operation and maintenance costs are approximately four times its construction cost. Tokyo’s Yasui Architects and Engineers’ BuildCAN BIM platform helps clients visualize building data to optimize operations and maintenance.

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Innovation in industrialized construction with DfMA

Design for manufacturing assembly (DfMA) is revolutionizing industrialized construction. Learn how early adopter Bryden Wood uses it to dramatically reduce a project’s cost, time, complexity, uncertainty, and environmental impact.

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Unleash the power of innovation

Leighton Asia

Streamlining operations with automation and a digital twin

As one of the busiest airports in the world, the Hong Kong International Airport is undergoing a terminal expansion to accommodate its 70 million + annual passengers. Leighton Asia is using innovative approaches like digital twin technology to streamline operations, integrate workflows, and reduce rework.

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Explore new possibilities with automation and AI

See how AEC leaders are using advanced technologies like AI and automation to work better, faster, and smarter.

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