Take your project documents beyond where you ever thought possible

Autodesk Docs allows you to go beyond the PDF into a common data environment with real-time collaboration.

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Autodesk Docs powers SNC-Lavalin's $10.7 billion hydro-electric project

SNC-Lavalin's Hydroelectric project has a large team from 11 different companies in three different countries. Solid communication is essential for success. Because the project is a high-profile endeavor, the Engineering Design Team did not have external access to the project. To share files across seven different cities, the team set up a local network using SharePoint to exchange files. However, uploading, downloading, and saving individual files grew tedious due to the large number and size of the models. Find out how Autodesk Docs made a huge difference in the outcome of their project.

Docs, we have liftoff!

Autodesk Docs takes your project documents beyond where you ever thought possible.

  • Never wonder if you're looking at the right version again. With Autodesk Docs, you can be confident that you're always looking at the latest and greatest information.

  • Autopilot your project. Repetitive tasks cost you time and money. Automated workflows help you do more, in less time.

  • Control the keys to the castle. Autodesk Docs allows complete control over the flow of information into the project to keep the right information in the right hands at the right time 

Webinar: Build your castles in the cloud with Autodesk Docs

Come and see for yourself how you can build your castles in the cloud on our powerful common data environment.

In this webinar, Ali Atabey, Autodesk AEC Subject Matter Expert, will show you how to: 

  • Get started with Autodesk Docs 
  • better organize, distribute, and share project files 
  • use Autodesk Docs to improve project outcomes

Go beyond the PDF with Autodesk Docs

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It, just, knows

You ever have that friend that just knows what you need without ever saying a word? Yeah... that's Autodesk Docs. It is "design file aware", meaning it knows a DWG from a DGN from an RVT. And knows how to display them so there's no need to even create a PDF. It just...gets you. 

Pulse check your project

Knowing the heartbeat of your project at any given moment gives you the assurance you need to keep your project on track and spot little issues before they become big, costly ones. Custom dashboards in Autodesk Docs help you gain real-time insight on design issues. You can also track the progress of those design issues throughout the design process to ensure timely completion.

Built better, so you can build better

You are building the future -- and the good news is-- so are we! Autodesk Docs is built for your AEC projects, today and tomorrow. We are constantly innovating based on what you tell us you need. This ensures you never waste a second on repetitive tasks or miss an important detail that ends up eating into your profitability. 

Let's build better, together. Schedule a meeting with your Autodesk Account Team today.

Autodesk Docs ensure you have a single source of truth throughout the project lifecycle, while also securing your documents and reducing rework.

Thank you for your interest.