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Free 3D design software for your classroom

Teacher training

This comprehensive online video tutorial covers everything required to learn and start using Autodesk Inventor software for mechanical design with your pupils.

The full programme meets the requirements of the Autodesk Inventor ACU (Autodesk Certified User) Certification through the "Scooter" project classroom resources (see Curriculum Tab) making your pupils prepared for sitting the Certification exam and helping to promote their skills to potential employers.

If you prefer attending free in-person training near you, you can choose from the schedule of our partners: the Design and Technology Association and Teach Design.

What you will learn

  • Develop parts for a Scooter product;
  • Assemble parts into a complete and realistic Scooter;
  • Develop orthographic drawings of parts with information for third party manufacture;
  • Render visuals of the product for presentation in a portfolio;
  • Create presentation files for a pitch;
  • Explore driven constraints for controlling the animation of products;
  • Export CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) ready files for 3D printing, CNC machining, rapid prototyping;
  • Design a unique Scooter stand using sheet metal application;

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Part modelling with Autodesk Inventor - sketching and modelling techniques

We will use the creation of scooter parts as our means of learning about a range of sketching and modelling techniques available in Autodesk Inventor. The videos will illustrate the following: constraining & dimensioning, revolving, extruding, circular pattern, filleting.

Part modelling - Tire
Video (6:11 min) | Download dataset

Part modelling - Wheel
Video (15:57 min) | Download dataset

Part modelling - Fork
Video (25:12 min) | Download dataset

Part modelling - Deck
Video (9:00 min) | Download dataset


Assemblies - constraining ready made, customised and content centre parts

We are joining parts in an X, Y and Z direction. If we remove any one of these axis of constraint, we allow movement, which is useful later on for animation of a product. See how constraints - mate, flush, insert, angle and tangent - add relationships between certain parts and sub-assemblies while still leaving enough freedom to allow the resulting assembly to mimic real life motion.


Wheel assembly
Video (5:23 min) | Download dataset

Full assembly
Video (13:10 min) | Download dataset


Producing orthographic drawings - creation of 2D technical data

Produce orthographic drawings to build a portfolio of evidence students might use for a formal qualification. These include base view and projected views, isometrics, sections, auxiliary view, break-out views, parts lists. Attention should also be given to the shaded, non-shaded and hidden detail options while producing both parts drawings and assembly drawings.

Orthographic - Wheel
Video (10:32 min) | Download dataset

Orthographic - Fork
Video (7:43 min) | Download dataset


Orthographic - Deck assembly
Video (9:02 min) | Download dataset


Publishing outputs - renders, presentation files and driven constraints

Learn to produce rendered images, animated presentation files and using driven constraints to bring assemblies alive.

Presentation files
Video (5:18 min) | Download dataset

Driven constraints
Video (5:54 min) | Download dataset


Video (5:10 min) | Download dataset


Creating physical models - exporting to CAM

The ability to export .STL files will create dynamic links from the virtual world on screen to the real world through CNC outputs. Using a Makerbot to 3D print parts, especially those that have been uniquely designed or modified to improve the scooter, mean that users can effectively test the product out.

Producing .STL files
Video (2:08 min) | Download dataset


Sheet metal - creating a unique scooter stand

It is very different from working with solid parts so there are new tools to work with in the ribbon. Then work through the video and create your own design. Try to use a range of different tools.

Sheet metal
Video (7:16 min)


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