State of Design & Make: Spotlight on Decarbonization

Amid mounting pressure to prioritize sustainability, new research uncovers the critical role that mindset and technology play in driving industries to decarbonize.


Closing the gap between goals and actions

Autodesk Chief Sustainability Officer Joe Speicher breaks down why it’s imperative for companies in sectors responsible for 58% of greenhouse gas emissions to prioritize decarbonization with the help of digital tools and aligned intentions.

Key findings


of respondents at the corporate level believe it’s essential to prioritize decarbonization while only 55% are “very familiar” with the necessary actions.


of sustainability leaders surveyed incentivize employees who participate in sustainability initiatives, compared to just 30% of other companies.

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Source: 2023 State of Design & Make: Spotlight on Decarbonization

apartment building with greenery
Image courtesy of Heirloom.

A climate change game changer

Heirloom, a sustainable start-up, is developing low-cost direct air capture technology using limestone to safely and permanently remove and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.