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Don’t recycle, upcycle: Discover why future sustainability requires a circular economy.

What is circular design?

It’s design to support circularity—and a radical rethinking of how we use materials and energy. Components in products or buildings can be continually reused in future projects, with less waste. As the world’s resources become more limited, circular design is the foundation of the circular economy.

Benefits of circular design

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  • Cut costs

    Circular design helps you reduce costs in both design and production. You’ll need fewer materials, and you can benefit from a simplified supply chain with fewer spare parts in inventory.

  • Build brand reputation

    When deciding what to buy, consumers increasingly weigh whether a company is responsible. With circular design, you can create more sustainable products that show your commitment to innovation.

  • Meet regulations

    Plastic bans get the most attention, but product repair and “end-of-life” laws are also expanding in scope. Global operations require better data, designs, and collaboration to remain compliant.

See the firms embracing circularity

  • Yuma Labs

    Manufacturing sustainable sunglasses

    Learn how a Belgian startup produces sustainable sunglasses and brings some of the biggest names in street fashion into its mission of closed-loop production.

  • WNDR Alpine

    Biobased material Skis

    Salt Lake City ski maker WNDR Alpine is hoping to disrupt the industry with its new ski. Read to see how it's designed and made using a novel biobased material: microalgae oil.

  • Lamina Flow

    Reimagining modern surfboard design

    Nearly 500,000 surfboards are sold annually, and most last less than a year due to strain. See how this Australian company is designing boards that are easier on the earth.

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