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  • Two women working on a 3D model in an office

    Work with isolated foundations

    Learn how to work with isolated foundations and their interactions with structural elements.

  • Construction worker uses 3D modeling on a computer

    Work with structural components

    Learn advanced features of Revit, a tool to support BIM and delivery of 3D digital models and related documentation.

  • Computer rendering of a futuristic building

    Try a Revit challenge exercise

    Apply the skills you've learned to an exploratory, ungraded challenge exercise.

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  • Revit for Structural Design Professional Certification Prep course

    Revit for Structural Design Professional Certification Prep

    Get key skills for structural design that help you model foundations, frames, walls, columns, and stairs.

  • 3D Modeling Foundations and Substructure course

    3D Modeling Foundations and Substructure

    Discover the principles of structural foundations in Revit and their interactions with elements like columns and walls.

  • Revit for Mechanical Design Professional Certification Prep course

    Revit for Mechanical Design Professional Certification Prep

    Practice skills covered in the certification exam, including modeling, documentation, analysis, and collaboration.

  • Systems Analysis for Mechanical Design Using Revit course

    Systems Analysis for Mechanical Design Using Revit

    Learn how early analysis and energy settings can impact your project and save time.

Woman using AutoCAD on a computer in an office environment

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"I am getting certified to booster our resume as a company. When we go before clients, they like to know that they're working with users who know what they're doing. And by being a certified professional of Revit, it shows that we have certified users who are truly experts in the software that we say that we're experts in."Bryan Binkley, Director of Design

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    What Is a Smart City?

    From ancient Rome to present-day Los Angeles, watch the video to learn what makes a city smart. Hint: It’s all about the data.

  • Water collection tanks seen from above

    Global Water Infrastructure

    Some 25% of the global population lives in countries facing high water stress. Sustainable water technology is addressing this crisis.

  • Woman using tablet outside on a farm

    Fiber on the Farm: 5G in Rural Areas

    The considerable challenge of implementing 5G in rural areas of America could be worth the potential for education and agriculture.

  • Construction workers at a skyscraper job site

    Digitals Twins in Infrastructure

    What do digital twins mean for building engineers? Watch the video to learn how intelligent data models can shape the built world.

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