Transportation Agencies: It's time to bridge the collaboration gap

188 million trips are made each day across structurally deficient bridges, most of which are concrete and steel bridges that cross over highways and railways. The challenge of maintaining America's overpasses are complex and they are real.

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Two ways to build bridges

Siloed Systems

Work has been done in silos and each team then has to manually adapt their model when changes are made elsewhere.


Teams all work off a single model on the same platform. Construction documentation and detailing happens sooner.

The problem with working in silos

  • More Errors

    10% to 25% of project costs are lost through errors (GIRI). Working in silos causes avoidable errors that cost you money.

  • Longer Delivery Times

    Poor communication between construction parties combined with frequent design changes is a leading cause of delayed projects. (University of Seoul).

  • Delayed Handover

    Lag time in decision-making is in the top 10 reasons why project handover is delayed. (Journal of Management in Engineering)

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You don't have a second to waste on projects. Autodesk makes every moment count.

Autodesk's bridge solutions offers an end-to-end design platform that is fully integrated with Esri. Designing great bridges and overpasses are simplified with a seamless Revit and Infraworks connection.

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The Bridge to Better

Bringing together three of our design tools — Autodesk InfraWorks, Civil 3D and Revit — the bridge design workflow connects the road design, bridge design, and documentations team in one project model.

  • Collaborate Both Inside and Outside Your Agency

    Neighboring state DOTs are realizing the value of connected collaboration across the ecosystem. A common data environment (CDE) will allow your DOT to better work with contracted service providers and relevant stakeholders in real time. 

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  • Real Time Updates To Your Model

    Whenever a change is made to the road or bridge design model, the software can automatically adapt the dimensions of the other steps, and team members can explain the changes they’ve made in a note.

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  • Access to Design Library

    Designers can choose from a range of components in the catalog to find the best ones for each project.

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