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The construction industry is changing rapidly. BIM-enabled workflows and digital project delivery drives positive outcomes by reducing rework, decreasing constructability issues, and optimizing schedule duration.

What are general contractors saying about BIM?

In a recent study of nearly 300 contractors, 64% believe BIM workflows can help to reduce the number of on-site constructability issues, 51% expect to reduce defects at handover, and 50% believe construction handovers will be smoother. 

51% of general contractors believe BIM leads to improved stakeholder engagement and 52% expect to increase their percentage of successful projects. Meanwhile, 52% of speciality contractors believe BIM will be highly valuable in improving their win rate.

Smarter tools, better outcomes

Unlock a smarter way of working with virtual design and construction workflows. With more-efficient and better-connected workflows in a cloud-based BIM environment, you can take on demanding challenges and enjoy better project outcomes.

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Simple solutions for complex problems

With tools that help you catch errors earlier and reduce constructability issues and rework, you can save valuable time and money throughout the process. Tiong Seng Contractors achieved a 25% reduction in construction time and a 33% improvement in resolving coordination issues. 

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Connected BIM workflows allow you to coordinate project teams and tools in one place, so you can enjoy greater project visibility and efficiency. Dura Vermeer reduced time to construction by 25% and lowered failure costs across its projects.

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