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Move beyond Bentley to Autodesk, the makers of BIM.

It's okay to move beyond traditional CAD for your transportation projects.
Here are just a few reasons why...

View the ‘Beyond Bentley’ webcast recordings below

Number 1

Beyond Bentley: Are you starting off on the right foot?

Make better project decisions earlier with existing conditions data and tools for preliminary engineering and support environmental impact documentation.

Number 1

Beyond Bentley: Connect people, data and analytics

It’s all about analytics -- traffic simulation, mobility, site distance analysis, corridor optimization and more – which help to improve design during preliminary engineering.

Number 1

Beyond Bentley: Dude, where’s my building?

See how horizontal and vertical BIM from Autodesk help improve collaboration between multiple disciplines.

top number1

Autodesk provides vertical and horizontal BIM to optimize any transportation project

Transportation is more than just alignments and corridors. It is buildings, tunnels, bridges, roadways and more. And you need to work with engineers and contractors on both vertical and horizontal project components.


Vertical and Horizontal BIM in Infrastructure (5 mins)

Discover superior optimization collaboration and integration with Autodesk, the makers of BIM.

Create a more collaborative environment where each engineering discipline, process and system is using the project information to its fullest advantage.

top number2

Autodesk takes you beyond traditional CAD to connected BIM

Improve coordination and communication across disciplines; plan and design in context of your existing conditions and support preliminary engineering for all transportation projects.


InfraWorks Overview (1min)

Experience infrastructure design reimagined with InfraWorks, the next generation of design from Autodesk, the makers of BIM.

Design roads, bridges and drainage systems in context of existing conditions. Model with intelligent components, use integrated analysis to improve insights; and run simulations that can help you make better choices for any project whether a single roadway design or a master plan for a complex port, airport or rail station.

Make the move to Autodesk

Get the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection now

Combine CAD and model-based tools to connect vertical and horizontal BIM processes.

Get InfraWorks now

Get started with next generation design with a free trial of Autodesk InfraWorks.

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