Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA)

JCI benefits with Autodesk

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What's an EBA, anyway?

Not all Autodesk subscriptions are alike. An EBA is a strategic relationship with Autodesk that provides extra support designed to meet the needs of large, multifaceted organizations.

JCI has an Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA) with Autodesk – which means you can work with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to access valuable benefits beyond a standard Autodesk subscription at no additional cost.

See how other JCI teams are taking advantage

Johnson Controls - York Airside

Inventor for JCI Handling Systems

A Johnson Controls team based in York, who largely used AutoCAD to produce drawings, met with an Autodesk specialist to learn Inventor workflows. Using a JCI developed model as a reference, the team of eleven discussed various scenarios when working with assemblies in Inventor.

Live coaching sessions with Autodesk experts can be scheduled through your CSM.

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Upgrade to the latest version of AutoCAD

JCI has flexible access to a large portfolio of Autodesk software, including the latest versions of AutoCAD, without any additional cost. Your teams could be benefiting from new features and workflows in AutoCAD 2022.

  • Collaborate faster with new automations like Count, Trace, and Share
  • Easily push designs to Autodesk Docs
  • Benefit from multiple performance enhancements

Our Enterprise support team can help you plan your upgrade and seamlessly deploy new desktop software versions.

AutoCAD software includes industry-specific toolsets

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Get coaching from Autodesk experts

Schedule a coaching session with Autodesk specialists to get your teams using the latest workflows. Coaching is included in your company’s EBA at no additional cost and may incorporate demonstrations, practice data sets, and live Q+A.

Sessions can be tailored to your team needs and typical business use cases.

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Meet your CSM

Hello! I'm Cham Bell and I am your Autodesk Customer Success Manager. Reach out to me for help with Autodesk solutions. I'm here to help you build a plan for success.

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