How to get water from Point A to Point B? That's beside the point.

Effective water distribution is more than just transport. Learn how to develop and maintain a best-in-class water management system.

Ensure equitable access to clean and safe water for everyone

Water distribution in Asia Pacific presents unique challenges due to a combination of factors such as population growth, development, and uneven access to water resources. The region's diverse geography, including arid regions and densely populated coastal areas requires careful management.

Predict performance to keep water flowing reliably

You need to know what’s going on, and what will likely happen next, across your networks. And, since demand and network conditions change continuously, you need live information that you can act on.

Minimise non-revenue water & leakage

Some of the preventable challenges associated with non-revenue water or water losses are: prioritising risk to inform better rehabilitation and repair (R&R) initiatives, pinpointing areas prone to leaks or pipe bursts, and identifying the contributing factors so leaks don’t continue to occur in the same place. 

Keeping water safe is difficult

Managing, tracking and ensuring consistent water quality is extremely difficult in Asia Pacific due to population expansion, rapid growth, industrialisation, climate change, lack of infrastructure, and inconsistent water quality standards within and across geographies.

Easily map and analyse water systems


Map, design and analyse water distribution systems from within ArcGIS Pro.


Predict what’s likely to happen in the gaps between sensors, giving a fuller picture of the network without further investment in field monitoring equipment.

Know now


Ensure that the leakage detection solution you choose connects to near-real-time data sources and provides a single repository for analysis.


It should offer advanced analytics that can extract the right KPIs that drive action.

Increase water system resilience


When you’re looking for a water quality management solution, consider whether it accurately models all components of your storm, sanitary, and combined sewer networks. 


Find critical system elements and develop a contingency plan.

Better, faster, easier: Solutions for Asia Pacific's most pressing water challenges

Check out Autodesk’s new water technology e-book, chock-full of ideas and suggestions that can be useful to municipal engineers, councils, consultants and others seeking to build or strengthen their water systems. 

Develop an maintain best-in-class Water Management Systems

Model water distribution systems in an easy-to-use GIS interface, leverage spatial analysis tools available in ArcGIS Pro to help with model building and management, analyse and understand criticality in your system, including pressure transient events and more.

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