Let your work flow as easily as water

Learn how to strengthen your plant's performance, compliance and improvement planning.

Uncover solutions for complex water challenges

Solve water industry challenges with a degree of execution and response previously beyond reach.

Data and insight are related, but not the same

Most utility data is siloed and spread across different divisions, servers and even individual computers.  You need "one source of truth" that combines, cleans, manages, shares data and analyses.

Connect the dots … and your team

When plant processes are not well-defined, inefficiencies thrive and mistakes become more likely. Plant personnel can be most effective when roles, responsibilities and workflows are clearly defined and measured.

More time operating, less time documenting it

Meeting compliance and regulatory reporting requirements is a vital part of utility operations … but it doesn't need to suck the life out of your day.

Easily and securely access your data in the cloud

Streamline data access by combining sensor readings, lab results, and plant operational data with industry-specific metrics and KPIs.

Improve plant operations and level of service


Improve your facility’s performance via interactive process flow diagrams and personalised work spaces.

Automatically track data and generate compliance reports


Save time, effort, and reduce the need for spreadsheet management with automated  tools built to overcome dynamic regulatory requirements and generate compliance reports for approval.


Better, faster, easier: Solutions for Asia Pacific’s most pressing water challenges

Check out Autodesk’s new water technology e-book, chock-full of ideas and suggestions that can be useful to municipal engineers, councils, consultants and others seeking to build or strengthen their water systems.

Get advanced monitoring and analysis, mitigate risk and more

Enable workflows associated with performance, compliance, and improvement planning with cloud-based operational analytics solutions designed for water and wastewater utilities.

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