When there's "water, water everywhere"… but no drainage in sight.

Learn how compliant and sustainable drainage design can mitigate storm damage and strengthen community resilience.

Reduce the challenges that impact water and life quality

Drainage is an essential element of urban infrastructure that plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and health of communities. However, in many parts of Asia Pacific, drainage systems face significant challenges.

girl on flood street

Water: Nowhere to run

Urban expansion, poor infrastructure, climate change and natural disasters have put extreme pressure on drainage systems.


Optimising systems for land use, performance, and cost with manual tools is challenging.


Flooded road

The right environment is key

The inadequate drainage systems in Asia pose health risks, entail significant costs and impact the environment.


Wastewater pollutes rivers and other water bodies, leading to contamination. But environmentally-sensitive drainage structures can take longer to design.


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It's the law

Complying with government regulations is challenging. Different standards apply in different countries, so it’s difficult to get scale or align on metrics when trying to solve drainage issues in a consistent way.


You can find software and tools that will enable you to effectively manage drainage issues irrespective of country or city location.  


Streamline your design process

Take the complexity out of drainage design with optimised workflows that allow you to reduce errors and rework, so you can ensure deadlines are met and budgets are in check.


Get faster approvals on development plans

Reduce overall design time by seamlessly integrating with CAD, BIM and GIS platforms.  Control project risks and keep everyone on the same page by presenting clear, understandable designs.


Simplify regulatory compliance

Leverage built-in auditing tools to ensure designs satisfy intended BIM workflows. Meet or exceed design requirements with custom reports and templates for local regulation.


water solutions e-book

Better, faster, easier: Solutions for Asia Pacific’s most pressing water challenges

Check out Autodesk’s new water technology e-book, chock-full of ideas and suggestions that can be useful to municipal engineers, councils, consultants and others seeking to build or strengthen their water systems. 

Design and audit drainage systems quickly and confidently

Use a full design and analysis solution that lets you deliver sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant designs, access a complete BIM (Building Information Modelling) solution...and more.

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