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Learn about water asset management and predictive maintenance solutions that can save you time, money and customer goodwill.

Meet regulations for Level of Service standards for water

In Asia Pacific, it can be very challenging for municipalities and local governments to manage water assets effectively. This challenge is compounded by pressure to meet regulations for Level of Service standards for water quality and service reliability.

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All your data in one place

You have scads of data … but are you on track to meet your KPIs?

It’s easiest to manage your pumps, valves, pipes and other water assets if you have all the data about them in one place.


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Why have an asset management plan?

An effective water asset management plan (AMP) will empower you to prioritize how you spend your budget, find and fix problems proactively and satisfy customers, stakeholders, and regulators.


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How to know where to start

Good asset management planning involves assembling information about your assets so you know what you own, where there are problems, prioritizing solutions, and carrying out repairs.


Manage inspections in a cloud environment

With the use of asset management software, you can centrally review asset inspections for condition and risk analysis.


Better understand your asset condition

Review inspections to assess accuracy of asset condition grading. Online tools are the most efficient and effective for planning and reviewing.


Transparently calculate risk and prioritize investments

Determine business risk using the latest asset and condition data and prioritize capital planning.


Better, faster, easier: Solutions for Asia Pacific's most pressing water challenges

Check out Autodesk’s new water technology e-book, chock-full of ideas and suggestions that can be useful to municipal engineers, councils, consultants and others seeking to build or strengthen their water systems.

Manage your assets easily and effectively

Review, store, and manage all inspection data effectively, assess condition conveniently, determine risks accurately, and guide renewal decisions–all from a single cloud-based platform.

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