Film & TV Executive Networking Day

LIVE Webinar for Film & TV Studios owners and executives.

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Wednesday March 29, 2023

3:00 p.m. Singapore Standard Time/ 12:30 p.m. India Standard Time

Join us on March 29th 2023 for Autodesk Film & TV Executive Networking Day - an exclusive and interactive virtual experience that brings industry leaders together in the Film & TV industry.

About this webinar

Learn how Autodesk empowers customers with new possibility, more power and flexibility. Take one step further with Maurice Patel, Vice President of M&E Strategy of Autodesk and Frederic Servant, our EMS Director of Engineering to the future of the industry.


This is an also excellent chance to hear from Axis Studios, a multi-award-winning animation and VFX studio based in London. Discover their story including entire process and useful tips for successful project management.


We will reserve time for questions! If you have any questions to our speakers, please leave them in the registration form so we can answer them in the webinar!


  • Welcome Speech | Il-Hyuk Kim, Autodesk
  • Autodesk Strategy for Media & Entertainment | Maurice Patel, Autodesk
  • Autodesk Arnold for Film & TV Studios | Frederic Servant, Autodesk
  • Global Customer Case: Axis Studios | Rishab Chitroda, Axis Studios


* This is a hybrid event; an in-person event in Korea and Live webinar for other APAC countries. 


Maurice Patel | VP, M&E Strategy, Autodesk

Since 1996, Maurice has helped technology companies develop software for creative professionals in the media and entertainment industry. Over his time in Autodesk, Maurice has overseen the product marketing of 3ds Max, Maya and Motion Builder among other products and has acted as an industry expert- interfacing with various customers and leads. He has lead teams across Autodesk’s business strategy and marketing segments for M&E.

Currently Maurice is helping drive the media and entertainment solutions group strategy. His mission is to aid the group orient its projects and its strategy for film, video games and television.

Frederic Servant | EMS Director of Engineering, Autodesk

Frederic Servant is a Director of Engineering at Autodesk and is based in London, where he looks after the Arnold, Bifrost, look development and color management development teams scattered around the globe.

Previously in charge of the Arnold team, he once was the main developer of the Arnold integration in Houdini. Prior to working on Arnold, Frederic worked as an R&D Engineer at The Mill in London and La Maison in Paris.

Rishab Chitroda | Head of Animation, Axis Studios

Rishab Chitroda started at Axis Studios with a bang, with his first project as Animation Supervisor being Deathloop. After being a key part of many more projects, he has gone on to become our Head of Animation. To this position, he brings brilliant knowledge as well as a vibrant approach to leading his teams.

Watching Sunday morning cartoons was a staple in Rishab’s childhood, and Dreamwork's Animation movies such as Prince of Egypt sparked a desire in him to animate. He didn’t let go of this dream until he got it, starting his career as a trainee at Crest Animation Studios in India. From there, he went on to create The Boss Baby: Back in Business, All Hail King Julien, and The Penguins of Madagascar with Technicolour as an Animation Director.

Session Sneak Peek

Autodesk Strategy for Media & Entertainment

In this keynote session, Maurice will walk you through

  • Global Industry Trend
  • Business Update (high level)
  • Autodesk as a Platform Company(Heads up about Flow)
  • Where Autodesk will invest the most for the future of industry

Autodesk Arnold for Film & TV Studios

Find out the future of Arnold; an advanced, robust tool for Film & TV Studios. In this session Frederic will cover

  • The future of Arnold: Road map
  • Arnold & USD
  • A guide for Arnold GPU and Unreal Engine
  • Win back case

Global Customer Case: Axis Studios

Join Axis Studio’s Head of Animation Rishab Chitroda as he dives into the animation process from some of the Axis’ much loved episodes for the Emmy award-winning animated anthology, “Love, Death and Robots”. Rishab will unravel the steps and stages of animating for the breakthrough series, and project management for how the unique style impacted the process.