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It’s all about the details

With the integrated CAD and BIM workflows provided in the Autodesk AEC Collection, your teams will always have exactly what they need to deliver.

Discover the Top 5 Benefits of BIM for mechanical and HVAC contractors for better productivity and profit.

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Top 3 reasons to embrace BIM

  • High-performance teams

    By gaining clarity and focus, your whole team will up their game.

  • Reduced material waste

    Get full visibility into project details for precise shop drawings.

  • Game-changing capabilities

    The results of BIM-enabled prefabrication speak for themselves.

  • Mechanical, Inc. and Pipefitters reduce rework through BIM and prefabrication

Explore construction possibilities

The AEC Collection provides contractors with a set of BIM and CAD tools — all supported by a cloud-based common data environment.

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