The AEC Collection matches your imagination with innovation.

Design your castles in the cloud.

Craft your vision with confidence through an integrated and fluid process from concept to analysis to visualization.

Collaborate in the cloud with Autodesk Docs (1:48 min.)

Work better together in the cloud

The collection now includes Autodesk Docs, a common data environment which helps you:

  • Reduce errors and rework
  • Streamline stakeholder review and approval workflows
  • Improve team collaboration and alignment

See how improvements to Revit will make you more productive (1:00 min)

Revit 2022 is about you

Collaborate more effectively and produce higher quality deliverables with new features including:

  • Improvements to core documentation features and workflows
  • Support for IFC4 and roundtrip workflows
  • Enhancements to Generative Design exclusively in the AEC Collection

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Deliver better designs with integrated workflows

Explore additional enhancements to the AEC Collection to help you make better design decisions and work more effectively.

Intuitive conceptual design

Capture your ideas with BIM-based 3D sketching workflows. FormIt Pro 2022 is more connected and capable than ever with tighter integrations with Revit, Dynamo, and Autodesk Docs.

CAD-based design and documentation

Become even more productive in AutoCAD with time-saving automations, seamless connections between platforms and storage providers like Docs, and the ability to work from anywhere.

Building performance analysis

Design more energy-efficient buildings with Insight which offers advanced simulation engines and building performance analysis data integrated in Revit.

Design visualization

Create high-quality visualizations of your architectural designs with powerful modeling and rendering tools. 3ds Max 2022 takes speed, security and ease-of-use one step further.