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Autodesk Presents the

Advanced Manufacturing Summit Recordings


Manufacturing Through Change

Join Srinath Jonnalagadda, Autodesk’s VP of Business Strategy for Design & Manufacturing, as he shares his ideas on adapting to and overcoming the challenges posed by manufacturing in the post-COVID world. Srinath is joined by Neil Briggs, founder of UK auto manufacturer BAC Mono.

A Data-Driven World

Learn where we are with data connectivity from Autodesk’s Ian Pendlebury and see how Dr. Johannes Kilian from Engel has begun the connectivity of data in manufacturing.

Additive's Role in Agile Manufacturing

Join Leanne Gluck from Autodesk, Rush LaSalle from Jabil and Brian Betty From Ultimaker to talk about the trends they are seeing and how they are using 3D printing to democratize production.

Advanced Manufacturing Strategy - The Future of Making

Hear Mike Malkin, Autodesk’s Sr. Director of Global Digital Manufacturing Sales, discuss global trends that are driving big changes in the manufacturing industry and how Fusion 360 is enabling manufacturers to reimagine what’s possible and design and make a better world.


Investigate different approached to additive workflows, DED, best printing practices and much more.

How to Unlock the Full Potential of additive applications

Charlie Wood | Fast Radius

Integrating Additive manufacturing in product development workflows

Annie Pauley | Fathom

Introduction to Netfabb simulation

Divy Tiwary | Autodesk


Investigate different approached to additive workflows, DED, best printing practices and much more.

Cross Product workflows for advanced Manufacturing

Rob Walker | Autodesk

Leveraging fusion Manufacturing in your PowerMill workflow

Chris Marion | SolidCAD

optimize your cam solution with "multi-axis" full process automation

Mike Belanger, Robert Kobielski & Jeff Stelling | AMS 360

  • 3+2 Machining vs Continuous 5-Axis When to use Which and Why

    Rajesh Kanna | Autodesk

  • Ask the Expert: Tips for Maximizing Fusion 360's Integrated Experience

    Paolo Bastianelli, Spencer Hardcastle & Richard Stubley | Autodesk

  • Bringing the Cutting of Composite Parts into the 21st Century

    Vitor Martins Augusto | Norcam

  • Enterprise Fabrication Evaluation - Decision Metrics and Process

    Barry Eppley | Powell Industries

  • From Part to Post - Complex Mold Manufacture using Fusion 360

    Guy Buttle | Autodesk

  • Hybrid Manufacturing with Mazak & Autodesk

    Chris Austin & Robert Bowerman | Mazak UK & Autodesk

  • Increase Profitability with Advanced Turning

    Andy Barney, Phil Jennings & Eric Strassheim | NexGenCAM

  • Introduction to FeatureCAM - The Complete Manufacturing Solution

    Kelbie Ockey | Autodesk

  • Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing: Winning through Manufacturing

    Brad Keselowski | Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing

  • On-Machine Probing for Mold and Die

    Jon Caliguri | Design & Software Inc.

  • PowerMill Workflow Overview

    Alexander Keil | Autodesk

  • Robot Milling to Increase Productivity

    Justin Ferguson | Autodesk

  • Using Generative Design and Additive Manufacturing to Find New Solutions in Subtractive

    Peter Harris | Matsuura UK

  • What's New in Autodesk CAM Software

    Clinton Perry | Autodesk

Injection Molding

Investigate different approached to additive workflows, DED, best printing practices and much more.

Moldflow vs Moldfloor

Jennifer Schmidt & Jason Travis | The AIM Institute

Molded in color metallic, prediction of aesthetics

Marc Mezailles | Avient Design

Moldflow Research and Development Update

Franco Costa | Autodesk

  • A Coupled Simulation Approach for Accurate Predication of Long Glass Fiber Thermoplastic

    Sandeep Kulari | Sabic

  • Ask the Expert: Materials and Importance of Material Data for Analysis Accuracy

    Matt Jawarski & Brian Pelley | Autodesk

  • Cooling Channel Modeling & Result Interpretation

    Sachin Fulsundar | Autodesk

  • Data Driven Processing Design

    Jimmy Jin | BASF

  • Effectiveness of Mold Cooling & their Impact on Part Quality

    Deepika Mistry & Guruprasad Puranmath | Mutual Engineering

  • Moldflow Advanced Results Customization

    Mason Myers | Autodesk