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Advanced manufacturing solutions

We help leading companies manufacture better products with less waste that have more positive impact by connecting design and manufacturing workflows to leverage data, agility, technology, and collaboration across their customers and supply chain. Learn more about common manufacturing challenges we help solve.

  • Standardization

    Companies thrive when shops can share workloads easily, automate frequent process steps, and simplify management of complex processes.

  • Automation

    Automate repetitive tasks and workflows to save time, capture best practices, and build resiliency into your shop.

  • Collaboration

    Connect your design and manufacturing teams together with data management, ensuring everyone is working with the most up-to-date data.

Partner professional services

Complex challenges require advanced solutions. Tap into the Autodesk network of solution providers to tackle and optimize your unique setup and workflow processes. Pros are on hand now for help with machining, additive manufacturing, injection molding analysis and simulation, milling, turning, multi axis, composite, DED additive, SLM additive, and more.

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Customers we've helped

  • Customer name

    Hastreiter Industries

    This family-owned machine shop is equipped to expand successfully into the aerospace and defense industries with an immediate ROI using PowerMill, FeatureCAM Autodesk Advanced Manufacturing software, and experts NexGenCAM at the ready.

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    Despite COVID-19 limitations, this long design consultant and plastics tooling manufacturer is able to integrate and adopt machinery beyond their skill set into their workflow thanks to an online implementation plan of training classes and application specific consulting by Design and Software International.

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    Handling Systems & Conveyors (HSC)

    IMAGINiT sets up a custom production-ready platform for complex CAM process automation. In just a few days, the material handling equipment supplier who sourced IMAGINiT’s expertise is now programming parts 10 times faster using FeatureCAM.

Our commitment to customers

Access additional Autodesk resources that include alignment workshops, technology days, best practices sharing, and investments in Autodesk manufacturing technology centers around the world.

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