Accelerate is back!!! LIVE!

Join us in New Orleans! May 16th-18th. 

Join us at Accelerate 2022 LIVE in New Orleans May 16-18. LEARN MORE

What is Accelerate?

An exclusive 2-day online event for manufacturing leaders with featured keynotes, panel discussions, industry networking, and analyst presentations by business experts.

  • Remain competitive with the latest industry insights

  • Pioneer innovation with AI-enabled generative design

  • Simplify productivity with interconnected data

  • Empower your team to improve your company

What will we cover?


    Digital transformation begins with convergence.

    Connect your organization and bridge the gap between different disciplines and teams with a singular development and manufacturing environment.


    Connect your entire manufacturing ecosystem through data. 

    Collaboration through shared data and cloud storage is key to keep your team connected from concept to delivery.


    Automation tools eliminate manual delays.

    Generative design and robotics can streamline multiple processes and accelerate your product development across all departments – increasing innovation and productivity.

Who is it for?


    Gain industry insights to transform the way your business operates by learning how to eliminate information silos and create a digital thread that spans across your entire supply chain.


    Get more – from your people, processes and manufacturing eco-system – and find out how automation, AI enabled technologies and generative design are speeding up product development times and reducing downstream bottlenecks.


    Visualize the future of work with the latest manufacturing trends and techniques to reimagine what’s possible. Discover how to achieve greater machine uptime, boost end-to-end productivity while reducing waste and re-work.