The Autodesk Community 5K Fun Run

Stay active with the Autodesk Community

Welcome to the Autodesk Community 5K, the place for active members of the Autodesk University 2021 community to share their workouts from around the world.

Whether you run, walk, cycle, or swim, you’re welcome to join in the fun and set your own distance goals based on your fitness level. What’s important isn’t your performance, but having fun being active and connecting as a community. You even have the option to join our free Strava Club to record your activity and see the progress of others if you want.

Wherever you are on the planet, post photos from your workout—the landscape you’re in, the wildlife you see, and even the Autodesk or AU memorabilia you’re wearing. We want to see it!

Use hashtag #AC5k when sharing your photos on social media like Twitter or Instagram.

DISCLAIMER: There are, of course, inherent health and safety risks in participating in any physical event, including the Autodesk Community Virtual 5K (the “Event”). Please check with your health care professional to ensure you are fit to participate. By participating, you expressly assume these risks and waive, release, and forever discharge Autodesk from all liability and damages.