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IMTS 2018

Autodesk Booth Presentation Schedule

Stop by our IMTS booth #133222 at McCormick Place Chicago, IL from Monday to Friday to attend one of our scheduled Smart Manufacturing presentations


Get a head start on mastering the technology trends that will impact your business. Join us each day to learn more about Automation, Optimization, Connectivity and Production.

  • With Autodesk Smart Manufacturing Technology, you can automate your manufacturing processes for additive, injection molding, fabrication, moldmaking and general machining.


    Learn more about how you can automate your manufacturing processes for additive, injection molding, fabrication, moldmaking and general machining.


  • Generative Design Autodesk


    See how you can optimize your workflow and maximize your current operation with smart manufacturing, cloud computing, generative design and hybrid manufacturing.


  • With Autodesk, engineering design and manufacturing departments collaborate better by connecting live data between CAD and CAM systems.


    Manufacturers are increasingly leveraging digital technologies, to build better products, operate more efficiently, and communicate more effectively with customers.

  • The new Autodesk Technology Center in the UK specializes in collaborating with partners and customers to showcase advanced manufacturing technologies that promise to disrupt and transform the way we make things


    Tap into creative ways to develop flexible manufacturing capabilities to adapt quickly to changes in supply and demand while maximizing your machine utilization. 


Live Presentation Schedule

  • 10:00 am  Realizing Competitive Separation Through Additive Manufacturing 
    11:00 am Optimization Using Smart Manufacturing
    2:00 pm  Choosing The Right 5-axis Machine for Moldmaking 
    3:00 pm  Convergence of Design & Manufacturing with Fusion 360 
  • 10:00 am  Achieve Better Engineering Performance Through Simulation Optimization
    11:00 am Manufacturing Generatively Designed Components 
    2:00 pm Connectivity Using Digital Twin 
    3:00 pm  Creativity with CAM: Probing in PowerMill 
  • 10:00 am Automating Sheet Metal Fabrication
    11:00 am Achieve Better Engineering Performance through Simulation Optimization
    2:00 pm Learn more about Shared Views / Posting in the Cloud / Autodesk Drive 
    3:00 pm  Creativity with CAM using Robots
  • 10:00 am  Automate your Moldmaking Efficiency
    11:00 am  Enhance Your Next Tool or Product with Forge
    2:00 pm  Connect with Fusion Production
    3:00 pm  Realizing Competitive Separation Through Additive Manufacturing  
  • 10:00 am  Benefits of Automated CAM  
    11:00 am  Optimize your Programming with Hybrid Manufacturing 
    2:00 pm Stop Using Stops, Start Using Probes