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The CAD All-Stars: Creating Standards

Getting buy-in on CAD standards can be a bear, especially when your colleagues are set in their ways.

Luckily, at our AU Las Vegas 2016 AutoCAD experts roundtable discussion, four of our top CAD Managers gave us their tips on the best ways to get everyone on the same page. Here’s what they had to say:

Kate Morrical – AUGI President

The golden rule of standards of any kind—whether it’s CAD standards, BIM standards, or office procedures—is you have to make it easier to do it right than it is to do it wrong, because if it’s easier to do it wrong, people are going to do that. If you can explain why you’re doing something a certain way, most people are more likely to accept it. […] The more you can do to say, “[we have] to go through this process because we need the end result to be X… sometimes they’ll come back to you with ‘Why don’t we do it this way?'” and maybe you get a new CAD standard.

Robert Green – Contributing Editor to Cadalyst Magazine; AUGI Treasurer

Listen for new ideas. Maybe there is a better mousetrap out there that somebody has, and be open to integrating those [ideas] into your CAD standards.

Curt Moreno – Contributing Editor to Cadalyst Magazine; AUGI Director

In any situation, not everybody’s going to get their way, and that’s fine. People are OK with not getting their way as long as they feel they’ve been heard. You have to discuss these things, and if somebody has a reason, if somebody says “Well, that’s not how I think it should be done,” listen to them. […] Or you could say, “Well, while that’s not wrong, we have found that this is more efficient.”

R.K. McSwain – Contributing Editor to Cadalyst Magazine

If it’s easier to be standard than not, people will use [the standard]. One thing I like to say is that the best CAD standard is the one they don’t know they’re using […] but one problem that I do bump into is that people are so hesitant to look at a new work method. They don’t even know they could be doing it easier because they may think “Well, I’ve never done it that way” or they’re afraid of it. So, what I find particularly useful is if you’ve got some hot-shot power user people inside your company, get them to use it and then brag about them. You know, “Look at how great he’s got it! Look at how fast they’re getting their stuff done!”

Get even more insights from the experts when you listen to the session recording, or visit one of our Autodesk University celebrations around the world!

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