Installation for administrators

Deployment preparation

Thorough preparation is the key to a successful deployment. Follow these checklists after you get your product licenses.

Collect licensing information and install licensing utilities

  • Understand the general process for installing your license type. For a network license deployment, check your license server name and the license server model (single, distributed, or redundant) that you chose at the outset.
  • Skip this step if you have a standalone license based on your Autodesk Account credentials. Locate the serial number and product key for each network licensed product. See View your product license information.
  • Install and activate required network administrator tools and utilities. For example, install the latest Network License Manager (NLM).

Review system requirements and configuration options

  • System requirements. Confirm that your network, servers, and client computers meet the system requirements for each product included in the deployment. Also check the NLM system requirements.
  • Languages. If your product is available in multiple languages, choose the language for each deployment.
  • Configuration options. Evaluate product configuration options, which vary from product to product. For example, products may include options for search paths, location of support files, or the inclusion of extensions and log files.

Choose deployment options

  • Network share. Identify the server you use to create a shared folder containing the administrative image. See Create a network share.
  • Configuration Manager. Consider using other tools, such as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly SCCM), or script-based methods for the deployment.