Cloud technology streamlines manufacturing for a micromobility vehicle charging network


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Two riders connect electric scooters to ports on a charging hub

Riders dock their electric scooters at a Kuhmute charging hub: Watch the video (4:29 min.) to learn more.

The idea behind Flint, Michigan-based startup Kuhmute (pronounced “commute”) was born when its co-founder and CEO Peter Deppe noticed a major side effect that came with the growing popularity of electric scooters: These last-mile mobility vehicles were cluttering up sidewalks all over the city. Kuhmute provides organization and operational support for micromobile transportation in the form of a network of charging hubs, where electric scooters, e-bikes, wheelchairs, delivery robots, and more can park and recharge.

Using Fusion 360 and cloud collaboration, the Kuhmute team is constantly updating and refining the company’s hubs to make them more robust and reliable. Easy-to-use technology allows them to focus on rapid ideation and iteration: figuring out what to build and how to build it, sharing and collaborating on hardware and electrical components, and sending designs to a 3D printer to fabricate prototypes. With Fusion 360 providing a “digital thread” that ties the manufacturing process together, Kuhmute saves time and resources, cuts manufacturing costs, and operates more sustainably.