The Autodesk Innovyze Info360 Public Roadmap

We want to build a culture of transparency about what we’re building so our customers can be confident in our partnership with them. To that end, we’ve created the Autodesk Innovyzye Info360 Public Roadmap.

One environment for water

Our Info360 SaaS software combines Info360 Insight, Info360 Asset, and Info360 Plant to provide water professionals with a comprehensive solution for managing the entire water lifecycle. Because our Info360 solutions are cloud-based, you can count on regular improvements with exciting new features and enhancements to improve your workflows – without having to install any updates.

Info360 Asset

The strategic vision for the evolution of Info360 Asset is to grow support for inspection and condition standards so that more regions in the world may benefit from a cloud-based solution.

Read about one of the latest additions to Info360 Asset: Rehabilitation Decision Trees

The product strategy also includes improving intra-operability and interoperability with internal and external software to break down data silos. Key plans include:

Info360 Insight

The strategic plan for Info360 Insight is to keep enhancing the data analytics and visualization of results and create workflows that operationalize network model insights and outputs.

We recently added lots of new visualization tools for things like pump performance.

Our focus is on facilitating engineering and operational teams so they can better understand their underground water and wastewater system operations. Examples include:

Info360 Plant

With its recent launch, this product is off to a strong start. As with Info360 Insight and Info360 Asset, we have a product vision we are building towards with Info360 Plant.

Info360 Plant is made specifically for water and wastewater treatment plants.

This strategic vision includes AI-based functionality to optimize plant operations, as well as additional plant data analytics and intraoperability with other Info360 products. For example:

We’ll keep updating this roadmap with new plans, and we’ll post new updates on a regular basis. Whenever we have a new update, you can click through to read about directly from the Product Roadmap site.  

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