InfoWorks WS Pro Learning Series

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz January 12, 2023

1 min read

InfoWorks WS Pro is designed for water professionals to help them assess supply to individual customers. Supply deficiencies or pollution incidents can be investigated and fixed quickly, allowing you to model how best to achieve regulatory standards while continuing to deliver value to customers.

We’ve put together this series of learning videos designed by Solutions Engineer Team Lead Eland Afuang to show you some of the features that you can start utilizing to enhance your models.

You can watch the course right here 👇 or head over to YouTube and bookmark the playlist. You don’t need to download any files for this short course, but it may also help to reference the support docs if you want to investigate smaller details.

Part One: Running an EPANET-based Model

Part Two: GIS Integration in InfoWorks WS Pro

Part Three: Connecting SCADA Data

Part Four: Accurately Representing Your Water Distribution System

Part Five: Transforming Your Planning Model into a Live Operational Model

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