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Eric Suesz Eric Suesz December 1, 2022

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We were happy to see our own Colby Manwaring appear in a new Forbes article, How Technology Can Mitigate Flooding And Secure Water Infrastructure, that puts the spotlight on increased flooding around the world and how technology can help.

The article cites a great example of how flood modeling software can help communities prepare and recover from floods. Specifically, the experience of Atkins, who modeled rainfall runoff across different soil types in InfoWorks ICM to mitigate flood risks in Reigate. Before they conducted this modeling, the town center had suffered flooding for the last 20 years.

“In many cases, it can be used to predict within a few inches of what areas will be impacted by potential flooding,” says Manwaring.

When Reigate in the UK received almost half of the area’s expected monthly rainfall in one day, flooding shops and roads in the town center, Atkins got to work to solve their pernicious flooding problem by going deep on soil types.

Flooding isn’t the only issue covered in the article. Struggling water infrastructure is also a key concern. They touch on details like the World Economic Forum reporting that one in nine people in the world lack access to water and 10% of the world’s population lives without safe drinking water. It’s nice to see these issues – and what can be done about them with technology – getting more attention.

Read the article on Forbes and sound off on our LinkedIn page with your own observation about smart water management.

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