Autodesk Info360 Plant: cloud-based operational intelligence for water and wastewater treatment plants

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz September 23, 2022

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At Autodesk, we think a lot about how to make things easier for the people who work hard to deliver safe drinking water and return clean wastewater to the environment every day. We’re excited to announce that we have a brand-new way for water and wastewater treatment facilities to operate efficiently and effectively.

Introducing Info360 Plant

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Info360 Plant, built specifically for water and wastewater treatment plants. At its heart, this cloud-based operational analytics solution can improve a plant’s operational performance, regulatory compliance, and improvement planning.

Personalized workspaces meet both individual and team needs.

Data-driven, customizable workflows that break down organizational silos

Plant operators today are data-driven but are frustrated with the overwhelming amount of data sources that often tell conflicting stories. Give your teams the tools they need to thrive as data-driven professionals and break down silos with a single source of truth:

Analytics to measure and improve your business performance

Info360 plant can help you improve operational efficiency with crucial data-backed insights:

Visualize your plant’s entire process at a glance with ‘taggable’ live data feeds

Reports and alerts that ensure regulatory compliance

With Info360 Plant, you can take the wealth of data and insights generated by your plant and turn them into authoritative reports:

Need to export a monthly discharge compliance report? Now, you can.

A public roadmap so you can confidently adopt Info360 Plant

We’re just getting started with Info360 Plant and our entire Info360 cloud platform for water. Because this is a SaaS, cloud-based application, you can count on us to make it better on a regular basis. How regular? We’ve created a public roadmap to keep you informed every step of the way.

Monitor water quality, energy and chemical use, cost, and efficiency with industry-specific metrics.

It’s all part of our continued focus on helping water utilities and plants manage assets and operations today, while predicting and preparing for the future.

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