Watch the Water Talk: Surge analysis in hydraulic modeling

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz September 8, 2022

1 min read

In our most recent Water Talk, Crystal Broadbent of Hazen & Sawyer shares three unique customer stories to demonstrate the application of InfoSurge with InfoWater Pro. InfoSurge uses transient analysis and modelling to predict how your water distribution network will react to pressure surges or reductions, and to evaluate surge control devices.

The Joukousky Expression

Back in the day, you might have had to calculate negative pressure in your pipes by hand using the Joukousky Expression. However, most simple expressions, like the Joukowski Expression, are only applicable under a set of highly restricted and often unrealistic circumstances. When the required conditions are met, the simple relationships are both powerful and accurate. But in the everyday work world, conditions are rarely ideal. For example, the Joukowski relation doesn’t consider liquid column separation (cavitation). If a negative surge is below the vapor pressure, all gas within the water is gradually released and the collapse of the cavities will result in a large pressure surge spike.

Technology to the rescue. Crystal shows you different use cases for measuring surges – not just calculating the maximum surge in a water hammer situation but also in low pressure situations. Join us and make sure you’re prepared for these potential “what if” scenarios.

Modeling the water hammer – and beyond – in this Water Talk.

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