InfoDrainage 2021.6 update

Autodesk Autodesk October 28, 2021

1 min read

InfoDrainage 2021.6 is the sixth installment of new and improved features being brought to the water industry this year, and our development team has just implemented updates that include a few requested features.

Premium Tier license

First, we’ve launched our Premium Tier license, which offers the ability to demonstrate overland flow paths for exceedance events using 1D/2D analysis. This is increasingly being required by regulatory authorities and can help you in a few important ways:

1D/2D analysis in InfoDrainage 2021.6

Improvements in MDX Importer

We’ve also made refinements and reduced the prevalence of warning messages when loading MDX files. We heard feedback that this process wasn’t as easy as it could be, and we want to ensure you don’t lose any time reviewing inconsequential information.

Ready to update?

If you have an active InfoCare subscription, you can update InfoDrainage to version 2021.6 by visiting the Product Download section of our support portal. Interested in moving to the new Premium Tier license? Send us a message.

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