#ToughAsNails Part 3: News from the Bright Side of Construction

tough as nails part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our #ToughAsNails series! The goal of these blogs is to highlight the top feel-good and inspirational news and stories the industry has to offer in a time where we could all use uplifting. 

Over the last month, we've seen more projects get back to work, as well as new events (hint: get ready to fire up your grill) and promising partnerships. Dive into more good construction news below. 

1. Jobsites Are Getting Back to Work 

Although not every jobsite is back in operation, projects are steadily restarting around the globe. The recent U.S. jobs report highlighted some promising figures regarding getting more workers back on site, in addition to industry recovery. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the construction industry added 464,000 net new jobs in May. While the industry is still a long way from full recovery, this is encouraging news. 

At some construction firms, letting go of employees was not even a consideration. In a recent interview with Construction Dive, Mark Luegering, Senior Vice President and COO at Messer Construction, explained how the Cincinnati firm kept all its teams employed. "Maintaining continuity of employment for our staff and our craftforce is crucial and thus far, we've been able to avoid layoffs or furloughs. Tradesworker availability has been somewhat of a challenge, but the strong relationships we forge with our subcontractor partners have helped." 

2. The Construction Industry Could Drive Economic Recovery

Many countries are turning to the construction industry as a key driver for national and economic recovery. For instance, in the U.K., the Construction Leadership Council's (CLC) COVID-19 taskforce, outlined a path to recovery. According to Infrastructure Intelligence, "The plan, entitled Roadmap to Recovery: An Industry Recovery Plan for the U.K. Construction Sector, puts forward a strategy to drive the recovery of the construction and built environment sectors and through them the wider U.K. economy, following the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn." 

Industry, government, and educational experts in Australia are citing how construction's role in building green cities could help stimulate a nation-wide recovery post-COVID-19. In addition to increasing jobs, it could improve the lives of citizens on the whole. According to Phys.org, "It's a chance for developers and building managers to rethink apartment and office building design, with health and well-being in mind. The benefits of green roofs for the cognitive functioning and well-being of employees are already well documented."

Furthermore, a recent Redshift article, 3 Reasons Construction Will Be an Economic Bright Spot in the U.S. After COVID-19, also cites how construction has a critical role to play to long-term economic recovery. 

Interested in learning more about construction's recovery post-COVID-19? Join the June 16 webinar, "Preparing for Tomorrow: The Post COVID-19 Recovery Outlook."

3. BBQs for Builders 

Have social distance guidelines put your summer barbeque and cookout plans on hold? On June 25, Autodesk Construction wants to help builders prepare for the perfect BBQ with help from a celebrity chef. 

Tim Love will be hosting a virtual interactive event where he'll cook up a custom menu and share pro tips for the perfect BBQ. You'll be ready to celebrate the 4th with Chef Tim's recipes that you can recreate in your own backyard. 

At the end of the BBQ demo, a Big Green Egg grill will be raffled off to one lucky winner! Be sure to register early – the first 100 registrants who attend will receive a custom Autodesk apron.

Fire up your grill and save your seat by registering today! 


4. New Industry Partnerships Are Emerging

In light of recent protests, construction firms and organizations across the U.S. are prioritizing new ways to boost opportunities for its African-American workforce. An article from The San Diego Union-Tribune details a new agreement between The National Black Contractors Association and the local chapter of the Associated General Contractors Association. According to the article, a newly signed memorandum of agreement will "will strengthen training programs so that more African-American apprentices and other groups can have greater access to business opportunities in the construction sector."


5. Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in Construction 

May was officially Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. To shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements and contributions of Asian workers to the U.S. construction industry, Autodesk highlighted several people and stories on its social channels during the month:

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