Achieving the ‘Impossible’: Seamlessly Connecting Accounting and Operations

Achieving the Impossible Seamlessly Connecting Accounting and Operations

Connecting field-facing project management software and back-office accounting programs can have a significant impact on the success – or failure – of a project-driven organization. Historically, this has remained one of the most significant technology challenges for construction companies creating silos between these two essential collaborators. 

All-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has been a solution for disconnected job costing and project management. But software built for accounting does not lend itself to the needs of construction project managers. Many accounting packages are client-server driven, not enabling multi-stakeholder collaboration or access from mobile devices. Additionally, project management teams often require access to a separate tool to manage tasks like RFIs, causing duplicate data entry and increased risk of error.  

BL Harbert International Chooses Autodesk Construction Cloud 

When BL Harbert International, a Birmingham, Alabama-based $1.2B Design-Build GCCM, began evaluating new project management solutions, Autodesk Construction Cloud was the optimal choice. Not only did it meet their immediate needs with its configurable project management workflows, but it positioned their organization for future initiatives. 

With Autodesk Construction Cloud, BL Harbert can manage cost activities in the same cloud-based software used for project management and field execution activities, streamlining workflows and connecting data. The enterprise-grade construction cost control solution provides real-time visibility into a project's financial health and cost-related risk. And because it is purpose-built with an API-first approach, the ability to correctly connect accounting and operations is finally achievable. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud Integrates with Sage 300 CRE 

To connect project management and field collaboration capabilities with their accounting and operations, BL Harbert integrates Autodesk Construction Cloud with Sage 300 CRE. With over 20 years of experience in helping companies unlock hidden value between multiple applications, Morpheus Technology Group (MTG) provides this dynamic integration solution that connects and optimizes ERP, project management software, and other mission critical construction applications. 

“Our integration would not have been completed as efficiently or successfully without our partners, Morpheus and Autodesk. We all had vested interests in connecting these tools and by leveraging each of our strengths, we achieved what some may consider Impossible— connecting accounting with operations. Through our collective expertise, we have a tremendous amount of confidence in our integration. It’s proven to be reliable, another critical aspect of a successful integration.” – Dane Pemberton, US Group Construction, Technology Manager, BL Harbert 

This integration is an exciting milestone for Autodesk Construction Cloud; adding integrated financial controls continues to deliver on a unified solution; connecting workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction. 

For organizations, top benefits of the integration include: 

  • Reduced Redundancy – When data is streamlined between the applications, avoid duplicate, manual data entry and the associated errors. 
  • Lower Costs - Produce reports 75% faster to avoid wasting hours of your project management team’s time. 
  • Enhanced Decision-Making – Having accurate daily job cost information for labor, material, subcontractors and miscellaneous costs empowers your team to quickly make decisions. 
  • Less Risk – With better visibility between project management and accounting teams, reduce change order processing time to 25%.  

If you are a Sage 300 CRE customer and looking for an enterprise-ready solution, try Autodesk Build today.

Josh Cheney

Head of ERP & Financial Partnerships, Autodesk Construction Solutions