Autodesk University 2023: Top Sessions for Subcontractors

We are weeks away from Autodesk University, and we couldn’t be more excited! Happening in Las Vegas from November 13-15, AU 2023 is a must-attend for any AEC professional. 

From inspiring and informative keynote sessions to networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else, you’re bound to elevate your expertise and forge invaluable connections at AU 2023.  


Why subcontractors should register for AU 2023

If you’re a subcontractor who wants to stay competitive (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), attending AU 2023 should be at the top of your list. 

At Autodesk, we know you’re facing a host of challenges. Industry data shows that in 2023, a third of subcontractors saw a decline in profits, and most subs (87%) are paying out of pocket before getting paid themselves. 

AU 2023 is packed with sessions and resources for navigating these challenges. You’ll learn how to use technology to improve quality and productivity while unlocking cost savings in your projects. 

Take a look at our top session picks below. 

CS601257 | Improving Master Schedule of Notre-Dame de Paris Reconstruction Project

Four years ago, a major fire broke out in Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. The French government has given the rebuild five years. To meet the key outcomes around schedule, health, and safety, the project has coordinated the daily presence of various types of workers specialized in restoration activities (archaeologists, carpenters, stone cutters, and so on). This class will focus on how Setec Opency (specializing in construction management) has digitized the execution planning process using 4D building information modeling (BIM) and digital technology, integrating the work sequencing and the opportunity of planning optimization, while minimizing the risk of accidents. Setec Opency will show how it has taken into account multiple constraints: tight deadlines, the configuration of a historical building (large volume, 4,800 square meters, great height), 120 subcontractors, and 400 workers over nine construction phases costing hundreds of millions of euros. See how bringing 4D to the field with VR/XR will help the renaissance of an 800-year-old legacy.

CS600356 | Supplier Diversity in the Construction Industry

This will be a thought-provoking and informative talk on the importance of supplier diversity in the construction industry. We’ll focus on the benefits of using diverse businesses in projects, including compliance, tax credits, and improved efficiency. We’ll also touch on the challenges of systemic racism and classism in the industry, and how Tough Leaf is working to address these issues by providing capacity-building services to diverse firms. You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the value of supplier diversity and its impact, as well as insights into using technology to support the growth and success of diverse businesses. We will also highlight real-world examples of how the speaker has already helped diverse firms win millions of dollars in contracts. This talk will be both engaging and informative, leaving you with a greater appreciation for the importance of supplier diversity.

CS601156 | Our Experience in Business Transformation to Digital Process in Construction

Copachisa is a general contractor of projects ranging from 100,000 sq. ft. to 1 million sq. ft. from schematic design to as-built documentation. In this session, we will share our experience moving forward working in a collaborative environment using Autodesk Construction Cloud. Before the pandemic, we usually worked with our information in a physical server. Due the necessity of working remotely, we decided to use BIM 360 software. The challenge was to move 40+ subcontractors and about 42 active projects very quickly (roughly two weeks). The most relevant part was first training the design teams, and then the whole organization. In a short time, we noticed the benefits of working in a web-based environment—for instance, extracting project data to conduct analytics—so we decided to expand our design workflows to precon and construction teams covering the entire project lifecycle. In 2023, we’re redefining our internal processes, and by the beginning of 2024, the complete project cycle will be running in this environment.

CS602601 | Advanced Bridging in Autodesk Construction Cloud

As a virtual design and construction (VDC) manager for a general contractor (GC), one of the largest headaches is making sure your subcontractors get their models uploaded to your Autodesk Construction Cloud hub on time, and that they’re named correctly and in the right format to make Model Coordination work seamlessly. What if it didn't have to be that way? If your subcontractors also happened to be working in Autodesk Construction Cloud, it doesn't have to be. What if they just published their own models internally and all the sharing happened automatically? This class will cover how to use the Bridge tool in Autodesk Construction Cloud to enable automatic sharing of models between Autodesk Construction Cloud hubs to streamline model coordination. Not only will we cover how to share models from the subcontractor's hub to the GC hub and then on into your coordination NWF, but we’ll also show you how to share models from one subcontractor to another to enable direct coordination between subcontractor Revit models.

CS602705 | Punch as You Build: Quality Control Tracking Within the Autodesk Construction Cloud Platform

This presentation will detail how Clayco has used the "Punch as You Build" process to streamline the usage of checklists and issues for quality-control tracking within the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform (BIM 360 and Autodesk Build). We’ll not only cover how we’ve standardized issue types and subtypes across the enterprise (from early design to construction and even warranty), but also how we employ standard checklist and issue workflows across our 100+ concurrent projects. Furthermore, our presentation will demonstrate the benefits of standardization in developing and identifying enterprise-level, high-risk quality trends and solutions. We’ll highlight the functionality and value of this process through the success one of our Clayco project teams had from implementing a culture of quality with the "Punch as You Build" process.

CS602170 | Democratizing 3D Printing On-Site with Ernest the Robot in Off-Site Mode

3D printing has become increasingly popular on construction sites, allowing firms to facilitate the construction process and decrease carbon footprint. It’s a challenging exercise, due to the size of elements and the fact that they can’t be reinforced, nor can the finishes be easily achieved. In order to democratize 3D printing, the decision was made to tackle the problem differently. The creation of 3D-parametric-printed formworks, urban furniture, or complex beam nodes/intersection is automated. This enables the reduction of production time and costs, as these elements can be produced in an infinite quantity and easily mounted on site. It also enables carbon footprint reduction by getting rid of wooden formworks and trucks for concrete pouring, and reducing the waste and time involved in creating those elements. The use of parametric elements to create these objects allows a full customization and replication. A deployment kit has been created for their subcontractors.

We can’t wait to see you at AU 2023

As a subcontractor, the best thing you can do to gear up for 2024 is to equip yourself and your team with the right knowledge, tools, and industry connections. Autodesk University has all of these and more.

Don’t miss your chance to attend one of construction’s most anticipated events. Register for AU 2023 today!

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