Autodesk University 2023: Top Sessions for BIM and VDC Teams

This November 13-15, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, grow, and gain crucial knowledge about the construction industry with professionals and experts ready to give you the industry insights you need at Autodesk University 2023 in Las Vegas. The event has a little something for all design and construction professionals, including BIM and VDC teams who can take this time to learn more about cutting-edge strategies and trends in design, project coordination, and project planning. 

AU 2023 only comes around once a year, so mark your calendar and register today!


Why Attend Autodesk University 2023? 

Autodesk University focuses on the most cutting-edge strategies and technologies that help teams improve and stay efficient in an increasingly digital environment. For BIM and VDC teams, continuing to invest in professional training and development is essential to staying ahead of the curve. This is an excellent opportunity to advance connected and digital workflows, so your business can be more efficient. 

Whether you’re just beginning a career as a BIM detailer or you’re the lead of an entire VDC team, there are sessions that will help you learn more and boost your efficiency in any role. 

*Note: The current session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive. You can view the full session catalog here

Top Sessions for BIM and VDC Teams at AU 2023

We’ve put together this short preview list of the top session choices at AU 2023 that you or your teams may be interested in joining. 

CS602212 | How Location Amplifies the Value of Your BIM in Construction and Operation

Our panel discussion will be on the design-build process and how geographic information system (GIS) solutions improve project delivery. We’ll also cover various aspects of construction, including construction monitoring, risk analysis, operations and maintenance planning, and site analysis. The panelists will share insights and project examples on how GIS technology has been used to monitor and track construction progress in real-time, identifying potential risks and hazards associated with the construction process, and developing effective plans tailored to the project’s specific needs. GIS technology can provide a comprehensive view of the site, including its topography, land use, and infrastructure, enabling the project team to make informed decisions throughout the design-build process. The discussion aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the design and design-build process and how GIS can be combined with building information modeling (BIM) and together maximized to improve project delivery.

CS143000 | BIM Ecosystem and Lean BIM Approach Enabling Lean Construction

The Session will Cover Detailed Case Study of the Projects and give insights in to the Lean BIM Principal Enabling Lean Construction by Establishing Perfect BIM Ecosystem across the Industry across different Stake Holders. 6 Lean Principals in BIM and Establish its relation with Existing Lean Construction approach using Case Study 1) Visualization & Understanding End Goal of the Project 2) Rapid Generation of Design Alternatives 3) Automated Generation of Drawings & Documents 4) Maintenance of Information and design Model Integrity 5) Reuse of Model Data for Predictive Analysis 6) Collaboration in Design and Construction These Bim Principals will go hand in hand with Lean Construction Principals and detailed Case study will be used to establish the fact.

CS129600 | How to Incorporate Structural Analysis and Design Into Your BIM Workflow

Describing a concrete structural model in REVIT. The model contains elements used in constructional projects ND exported to Graitec Advance Design solution to apply loads and perform structural finite element analysis. The export process will take care of the required properties of elements such as material, sections, and geometry. Using the powerful mesh engine and finite element solver of Graitec Advance Design, the internal forces will be calculated based on the applied loads. Then the required area of reinforcement in elements will be calculated, considering the concrete design code and localization. Next, the model will be exported back to REVIT. Graitec GTCX format can also transfer internal forces and rebar areas to REVIT using the Powerpack tool. Based on the calculated forces and steel area, we will present how to perform 3D rebar placement in REVIT for several structural elements. The process of model synchronization between REVIT and Advance Design will also be covered.

CS600931 | Why Is BIM Inefficient? And How Can Our Industry Fix It?

Over the last 20 years, building information modeling (BIM) has changed how our industry operates and interacts through all phases of design and construction. While our industry has taken steps forward by implementing BIM, there are still many inefficient processes and still many steps to take to continue to evolve how our industry works together and uses technology. The design industry has vastly changed through use of software like Revit. While creating efficiencies, it has also created gaps. Drawing notes such as "field verify,” "GC to verify,” and "See XYZ Drawing" still limit the coordination of documents from the design process. Contractors’ use of BIM has also continued to evolve and expectations have changed. The challenge of "design intent" versus "means and methods,” which existed long before 3D modeling software, is more relevant in the world of BIM. Do contracts help or hurt us? How can we as an industry change this?

CS601791 | The Future of BIM Is Information

The productivity of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) is going down. Other industries' productivity arrows are pointed up, but ours is not. After 25 years of building information modeling (BIM), one would think it would be different. But it's not. There are probably thousands of reasons for that, and we would never imagine knowing a fraction of them. But we think one of the reasons, however small it is, has to do with how we work with Information today. Other industries are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) at scale. The AEC industry cannot. This inspiring talk will explore why not, will look at what we can do about it, and will provide a few examples that show we are on the right path.

CS602507 | Optimizing Project Delivery: Mercury Engineering's Journey from BIM 360 Next Gen to Autodesk Construction Cloud

This research presentation will investigate how Mercury Engineering effectively navigated its transition from BIM 360 Classic to BIM 360 Next Gen, and subsequently embraced the Autodesk Construction Collaboration platform. The presentation will explore the valuable lessons learned during each stage of the transition, and highlight how Mercury Engineering continued to develop, derive benefits, and deliver high-quality projects throughout this transformative process. Additionally, the study will explore the integration of ISO 19650, a globally recognized standard for information management in the construction industry. By analyzing Mercury Engineering's experiences, this presentation will shed light on the benefits derived from incorporating ISO 19650 alongside the BIM 360 Next Gen and Autodesk Construction Cloud implementation, and will showcase the company's ability to optimize project delivery through continuous improvement.

CS142900 | Effective BIM Workflow Training for Project Teams

Enhance your project team's performance and profitability with tailored company and project-specific BIM workflow training. Learn how to leverage customized content for your entire team, from subcontractors to suppliers, elevating and standardizing the skills relevant to your projects. Find out how to seamlessly incorporate efficiency-boosting tools, like an intuitive course builder, AI-generated content, Autodesk plugin, executive reporting dashboards, skills gap assessments and custom learning paths to help attract and retain top talent, demonstrate skills competency, save more time and ultimately win more bids. Plus - see it all in action with engaging product demos and use cases! Join us, and discover how Global eTraining redefines BIM workflow training, enabling seamless knowledge transfer within teams and supply chains. 

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