Autodesk University 2023: Check Out These Top Sessions for Execs and Owners

We’re thrilled to announce that Autodesk University is back for 2023 — and it’s better than ever before! Bringing together the brightest minds in the construction industry, this year’s session will be hosted in Las Vegas, November 13-15!

Over the course of three action-packed days, you’ll have a chance to glean insights from global peers in the realm of architecture, construction, and engineering. This is your chance to gain the crucial insights needed to embrace the future of construction and improve the quality and profitability of future projects.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about driving digital transformation, building resilience through sustainability, or the power of cloud-based solutions, you’ll find everything you’re looking for to help you make your business more efficient and successful.


Reasons Executives and Owners Love Autodesk University

Autodesk University has an abundance of classes and events specifically tailored toward construction executives and owners. Here, you’ll have a chance to learn about the most cutting-edge technologies and strategies to take your business to the next level.

From connected workflows to data-centric sessions, you’ll learn actionable strategies that allow you to stay ahead of the curve with top construction trends and technologies. These strategies will ultimately help you make better business and project decisions. 

The Top Sessions for Executives and Owners at AU 2023

There are countless ways to learn from the top industry professionals, experts, and your colleagues at Autodesk University, including industry talks, case studies, discussion panels, and more.

Here’s a quick preview of the important topics we’ll be covering in the 2023 session. Please note that this session list is just a preview and is not comprehensive. Check out the full session catalog here to discover even more opportunities to learn and connect.

CS603034 | Robotics and XR: How to Improve Safety, Quality, and Owner Satisfaction

Join us for an engaging panel discussion with real-world applications at the intersection of robotics and extended reality (XR) in the AEC industry. Learn how companies like DPR Construction harness these technologies to safeguard the well-being of their craft teams, deliver quality work, and exceed customer expectations. We’ll discuss how robots are transforming construction work with precise installation lines, and explore how XR is revolutionizing the way owners experience their projects and data, gaining their buy-in before work begins. Get valuable insights from industry experts as they share the work they’re doing today, while shedding light on the future of these transformative technologies. 

CS602371 | Constructing the Future Today: Tips to Improve and Streamline Your Projects

The construction industry is undergoing a major digital transformation due to rapid industrialization, which brings pressing challenges, including workforce adaptation, lack of standardization, and skill gaps. As change accelerates, professionals struggle to keep up, and vulnerabilities become exposed, threatening project integrity and widening industry disparities. This panel discussion offers a timely platform for experts to share insights, experiences, and best practices for navigating the industrialization of construction. By addressing the urgent need to adapt to new technologies and methodologies and manage risks, this panel will foster dialog and collaboration among industry professionals. As a result, you will learn about the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the industrialization era, bridging gaps and maximizing opportunities presented by advanced technologies. Professionals will be empowered to overcome challenges and maximize sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.

1326 | How Data Enables Better Outcomes Through Automation and Insights

In a dynamic economy, what separates those who thrive from those who merely survive is the ability to connect data across systems, people, and the project lifecycle—and push live project knowledge upstream to predict and optimize downstream outcomes. Learn how industry leaders are using connected data to reduce risk in innovation and embrace new business models. Although we encourage enrolment for the Theater, seating will be based on a first come, first served basis.

CS602686 | Supplier Diversity: New Competitive Advantage and Strategy of Innovation

Supplier diversity and inclusion is often overlooked in construction, but it can be your company’s new competitive advantage if implemented correctly. In this class, you’ll learn why subcontractor diversity, inclusion, and outreach is critical for every construction project and how it can improve your business outcomes. From increasing innovation to opening up new markets, supplier diversity is the strategy your company should get behind. In addition, you’ll learn how to launch a successful program of your own by tracking and reporting on your goals with BuildingConnected.

CS601272 | Keys to Successful Cost-Management Implementation

The vast majority misunderstand the implementation of any software. Software implementation is not always just a tool replacement; it can often become a complete overhaul of people, processes, and technology. Cost overruns can be detrimental to a project and to companies’ overall financial health. Cost Management in Autodesk Build is a robust tool that offers complete project cost control. It simplifies complex workflows and enables a firm to establish a standardized approach to managing costs on a project. Implementation of Cost Management affects all aspects of an organization. Therefore, a strategic approach, dedicated resources, and proper expectations are necessary for successful implementation. In this session, we’ll discuss the key pillars of a successful implementation, including integration into an ERP system.

CS600046 | Streamlining the Design Process CO2e Footprint, Cost, and Time Assessment

In this session, we’ll showcase how a web application, built on top of Autodesk Platform Services and our local database, can optimize the design process, improve CO2e footprint assessment, and enhance collaboration among clients and stakeholders. Using this web application enables clients to efficiently simulate design modifications, making well-informed decisions that effectively minimize both the cost and time associated with CO2e emissions. This ultimately leads to a more streamlined and sustainable design process.

CS601796 | Delivering Digital Business Case for Change

Imagine asking your board for one of the largest digital investments to date operating as a leading UK contractor in an industry well known for slow digital uptake. We put forward our business case three years ago predicating a 20% productivity gain. Our deployment of Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro is one of our most successful digital transformation projects, with 46+ projects and 1,400+ users engaged. A recent study across our multidisciplinary stakeholders comprising of architects, designers, supply chain, and a variety of general contractor staff has shown that 85% of users confirmed improved collaboration across all functions, team members, and functions; 91% of users confirmed improved visibility and understanding of design information; 77% confirmed the technology has improved design productivity and efficiency; and 86% would recommend the use of the tools to others. We will share details on how we built our business case and predictions, and how we delivered on this to create change in the industry.

CS603023 | Scaling Prime Contracts Between Specialty Contractors and Building Owners

Developing strong and collaborative relationships between construction specialty contractors and building owners is crucial for successful project outcomes. Effective communication, mutual understanding, and a shared vision are key ingredients for fostering these relationships. In this presentation, we will explore strategies and best practices that specialty contractors can employ to build better relationships with building owners. By implementing these approaches, contractors can enhance client satisfaction, improve project efficiency, and secure repeat business opportunities. Join us as we delve into practical insights and actionable steps to strengthen the foundation of collaboration in the construction industry.

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