What’s New in AutoCAD 2023? LISP API in AutoCAD Web App

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AutoCAD Web LISP API AutoCAD 2023 Feature

We’re back with the next article in our series covering what’s new in AutoCAD 2023!

LISP applications can prompt the user for input, access built-in AutoCAD commands directly, and modify or create objects directly in the drawing database. By creating LISP routines, you can add discipline-specific or workflow driven commands to AutoCAD. Some of the standard AutoCAD commands are actually LISP applications.

With AutoCAD 2023, the LISP API is now available in the AutoCAD web app to help you save time and complete designs faster. Now you can customize and automate workflows wherever you are—whether it’s at a job site or on the go.

Just like with AutoCAD on your desktop, you can load or manage LISP files and type in LISP commands. This feature is only available for AutoCAD subscribers.

See the LISP API for AutoCAD Web App in Action

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