Presenting 5 More Honorees of the AutoCAD 35 Under 35 Young Designers List

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AutoCAD 35 Under 35 List

Five more amazing innovators are joining our AutoCAD 35 Under 35 young designers list! Bringing the list up to 20, we’re proud to introduce you to the creator of immersive theatrical experiences, a designer of energy-conscious data centers, a painter, a fashion designer, and an electrical engineer taking on the challenge of working in his country’s biggest industry. Meet them below.

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The Fourth Five

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Josh "Fritz" FriedensohnJosh “Fritz” Friedensohn, 29, technical designer at Do LaB (USA)

Fritz first learned 2D AutoCAD studying theatrical production on the side while he worked towards a Mechanical Engineering degree at Boston University. He quickly integrated it into his process and began making full concept and construction drawing sets for a theater company he co-founded, Vagabond Theatre Group. He later earned an MFA in Technical Direction from California Institute of the Arts, where he began working in 3D AutoCAD. Now, he works at Do LaB, where he designs the technical details of complex installations in the field of temporary architecture – often used at music and art festivals as stages, shade structures, and workshop spaces. It is a beautiful blend of sculpture and structure, brought to you by the detail that AutoCAD allows.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Benjamin Pratt

Benjamin Pratt, 31, minimalist painter (USA)

Benjamin Pratt is a Midwest artist who resides in Sioux City, Iowa. He has formal training in both hand drafting and operating AutoCAD. As a visual artist, Ben uses the program as a sketchbook to draft out his technical, yet minimalistic paintings. Relying on AutoCAD’s many functions designed for exactness and speed, Ben quickly draws and stylizes his imagery so that he is able to focus his time and energy on the actual painting.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Yayun Liu

Yayun Liu, 27, director of technical support at Chunrong Energy Conservation Technology, Ltd. (China)

Yayun’s work with Chunrong Energy Conservation Technology is all about using power more efficiently. Currently, a full 2% of the world’s power consumption comes from data centers – and he’s using AutoCAD to design new systems that will bring that number down. Mostly focusing on improving cooling systems, he’s worked with many of China’s major data centers, including those belonging to China Unicom Ltd., China Mobile Communication Corporation, the Alibaba Group, Baidu, and Tencent.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson, 29, founder and designer of Maho Shades (USA)

Alex learned AutoCAD as a student in the University of Alabama’s interior design program. After graduation, she used AutoCAD to design interior working and living spaces, as well as novel furniture and lighting solutions. Alex now draws upon the architectural influences she absorbed as a designer, and combines them with functional and aesthetic influences from her Gulf Coast beach life to design classically inspired, functionally superlative sunglass and eyeglass frames. She is now expanding her use of AutoCAD to design the foundations of a cutting-edge, mass-customized bespoke eyewear line.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Hendrik Tómasson

Hendrik Tómasson, 31, electrical engineer at EFLA Consulting Engineers (Iceland)

Robotics and programming have been Hendrik’s interests since he was young. While receiving his in Mechatronics and in Electrical Engineering with focus on programming and signal processing from Reykjavík University, he used AutoCAD to standardize playground equipment and to assist investigations into car crashes. At EFLA, he works in the field of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming, where he uses AutoCAD to help develop the overview and planning of equipment, cables, and workflow. He’s worked on a power plant project in Saudi Arabia, programmed oil platform simulators in Norway, and worked extensively in the aluminum and other industries in Iceland.

We’ll be announcing the rest of our list in the coming months. Keep watching this space for more on how these innovators are contributing to the future of making things, and how they’re using AutoCAD to do it.

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