Designing Sustainability in Remote Senegal (Video)

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tamassociati designing for sustainability. The Salam Cardiac Surgery Center, in Khartoum, Sudan.

CAD software can be easy, even fun, to use. But it’s safe to say you’re not using AutoCAD for the fun of it. You’re more likely using it to get a job done—as a means to an end. So, the question becomes, “As an AutoCAD user, what ends interest you?” Of all the ways to make the world a better place, designing sustainability is just about our favorite.

In this brief (2.5-minute) video, design studio tamassociati, an Autodesk Foundation grantee, shows how it is designing buildings, in a remote Senegal village, that are 100-percent self-reliant for electricity, water, and water treatment. The project is a prototype, so its lessons will be shared and its results replicated around the world.

As tamassociati’s Raul Pantaleo says, in the video, “A sustainable future will pass through a process of sustainable design.” It’s a huge challenge, of course. But, Panatelo notes, “Design is a force that allows us to overtake any problem.”


Designing sustainability: Learn more about design studio tamassociati

Venice, Italy-based tamassociati focuses on the careful use of natural, social, and economic resources to “take care through architecture.” Its designs—for health care facilities, housing, cultural buildings, public spaces, and more, in Africa and elsewhere—respect human beings and the environment and serve as a rebuke to unstructured growth and exploitation.

tamassociati designing for sustainability. The Salam Cardiac Surgery Center, in Khartoum, Sudan.

Another tamassociati project: The Salam Cardiac Surgery Center, in Khartoum, Sudan.

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Designing a better world: Learn more about the Autodesk Foundation

The Autodesk Foundation “invests exclusively in the most impactful people and organizations … using design to create a better world.”

Interested in becoming an Autodesk Foundation grantee? Or just interested in learning about more projects like tamassociati’s?

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