AutoCAD Customers Succeed with … Helping Families Rebuild After a Disaster

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Hurricane Sandy damage. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... helping families rebuild after a disaster.

Part shrink. Part new best friend. Part killjoy. These are aspects every architect displays at some point on virtually every project. But they are especially evident during residential construction. And nowhere do they appear more strongly than when an architect is working with families rebuilding after a disaster.

M.B. Hearn Architecture had the (your choice: good/bad) fortune of being the only architecture firm on Main Street in the small town of Belmar, New Jersey, when Hurricane Sandy blew in on October 29, 2012. Within a few months, the firm had more than 20 recovery projects in the works.

Read what owner Mary Hearn has to say about the experience:

Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy: How One Small Architecture Firm Rose to the Challenge

Hurricane Sandy damage. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... helping families rebuild after a disaster.

When Mother Nature turns against us, AutoCAD customers help even the odds.

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