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Bento Box container housing. AutoCAD customer modular construction.

Modular construction. Big in the news, but when it comes to actual impact in the industry—not so much. Now two stories of forward-thinking AutoCAD customers say “the modularity singularity” may soon be upon us.

Why hasn’t modular construction taken off as predicted?

Perhaps it’s because the building trades remain siloed. By necessity the disciplines come together for a limited time; then, rather than integrating their respective experience, and maybe sparking the search for new solutions, they go off and … repeat.

Perhaps architects and other design pros worry they’ll lose the freedom to design, that every new building will be identical to the last. They’re not inclined to see how modular construction could confer greater design freedom.

But a “building blocks” approach offers many undeniable advantages. You can read about some of them here:

“Grown men playing with Legos”: Why Offsite Modular Construction Is on the Rise (Construction Dive)

Mix-and-Match Components in Modular Construction

ConXtech housing. AutoCAD customer modular construction.Can design firms adopt a “chassis-based” modular building frame, bringing organization, predictability, greater efficiency, and more to construction projects? ConXtech thinks so. The company starts with architectural models and then layers in standardized, precisely manufactured connections factory-welded to structural steel beams and columns.

Read the Line/Shape/Space story: Prefabulous! The Ease of Mix-and-Match Components in Modular Construction

Shipping-Container Homes: The Ultimate Modular Construction

Bento Box container housing. AutoCAD customer modular construction.The first patent for turning shipping containers into housing was issued in the late 1980s, and the market has grown steadily since. There’s a lot to recommend these containers: They’re strong and widely available, and they support sustainability. On the downside, they look like what they are: Boxes. Architect Sean Burke, LEED AP, has another idea. Several, actually.

Read the Line/Shape/Space story Out of the Box: Will the Shipping-Container Home Meet the Masses?

AutoCAD Customer Success: The Adventure Continues ….

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Each AutoCAD customer success story in this curated series focuses on the motivated people who bring these great projects to life.

The full, original stories are hosted on Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space.


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