AutoCAD Customers Succeed with… Levitation. How Cool Is That?

Customer Spotlight
CGI energy field. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... levitation. How cool is that?

Looking for a little inspiration? Each AutoCAD® customer success story in this series—hosted on Line//Shape//Space, an Autodesk®-supported website—centers on the motivated people who are bringing these great projects to life. (AutoCAD software is involved, but you don’t hear much about it.) Today we’re upping the ante and kicking off a series-within-a-series we’re calling “How cool is that?”

First up: Arx Pax, a company that’s developed technology that husband-and-wife co-founders Greg and Jill Henderson believe can be used to levitate just about anything. Read on!

“If you don’t need to touch the earth, all sorts of things are possible.” —Arx Pax co-founder Greg Henderson

Can’t argue with that.

AutoCAD Customer Success: The Adventure Continues….

This is the fifth in a series of curated AutoCAD customer success stories hosted on Line//Shape//Space. Earlier in the tour, I pointed you to…

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CGI energy field. AutoCAD customer success story: ARX PAX magnetic levitation

Magnetic Field Architecture is even cooler than this looks.

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