AutoCAD Customers Succeed with … BIM that Wins—and Enhances—the Project

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BIM model of rapid bus project. AutoCAD customers succeed with BIM models that win business.

Say it with BIM visualization and win the business—and then use the models to keep the project moving smoothly forward. That’s the message from Jeff Lyons, of Landproject, Inc., which uses 3D infrastructure models to show prospective clients just what they’re getting.

Designed to impress? You bet. But what really “sells” is the built-in BIM intelligence. Which has an impact well beyond the initial presentations.

Lyons offers two guidelines for using modeling successfully. Read the full story here:

Visualizations for Infrastructure Projects Can Do Much More Than Paint a Pretty Picture

BIM model of rapid bus project. AutoCAD customers succeed with ... BIM Models the Win Business

Seeing is believing and, it turns out, seeing is also buying.

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